Today I am sharing one of my current green favorites! And I promise, if you haven`t been into green smoothies.. you are now!

Joy Passion Smoothie

All you need is:

A blender

1 ripe Banana ( the riper the banana, the less sweetener you need! )

1 Mango

2 Passionfruits

1 cup of Pak Choy

1 cup of Coconut water ( I always have an organic form of evaporated coconut water at home, just in case I am running out of fresh one, like today. Here you mix 1 tbsp of powder with 200 ml of water. Instant food should always be your emergency plan, since FRESH IS ALWAYS BETTER! )

1 tsp of Protein powder of your choice ( I use Hemp powder )

1 tsp of sweetener like Honey, Stevia, Marple or agave sirup ( if needed )

Mix all ingredients, except the sweetener in a blender. Taste before you sweeten it up! Enjoy on the rox!


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