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Private Yoga (one on one)

This is the ideal way to focus on your individual needs, to start or deepen your own yoga practice.

Together we will create a yoga program particular for you. With me as a step by step guide we will build your yoga practice from the ground up or work in more detail on advanced asanas of your choice. All sequences can be customized according to your wishes and individual constitution.

Duration 60min

Cooperate yoga

Do you want to make your company a place where your employees feel satisfied?
Yoga at work – during lunch break, before or after work offers exactly that. Yoga at work gives your employees the feeling that you care about them and their wellbeing in general.
The increasing workload and permanent overload of information are constantly creating mental stress while Yoga on the other hand calms the nervous system, improves concentration, promotes efficiency, concentration and performance. While at the same time helps to keep a healthy posture behind the desk.

Corporate yoga is the future. It`s the longterm solution for happy and healthy employers. It teaches simple relaxation methods during busy phases when there is no time to head to a yoga studio.

If you are interested in a yoga introductory course (8 weeks program) or a one time yoga workshop, feel free to write me and I’ll send you an individual offer! In a personal meeting we can set the priorities according to your employees needs and clarify the budget.


You want to host a private yoga class for a bigger group? A pyjama party, a women circle, a baby shower, birthday party, .. let me know the occasion and I will tailor you the yoga party of your dreams!


You need a yoga teacher for a public event in Malaga, Spain or around Europe? I am always up to inspire more people and spread Yoga Love while combining my biggest two passions = yoga + traveling

Styles I teach

Vinyasa Flow yoga

Yin yoga

Partner yoga

Pre- and Postnatal Yoga

Pre & Postnatal yoga

Mum & Baby yoga

Kids yoga

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