Want to add more healing vibes to your private yoga session? Then this is your go to!

After a consultation via phone I will then, according to your focus, tailor the ultimate healing session for you by using techniques like Thai body massage, reiki and acupressure point massage. The ideal way to dissolve old and new injuries.

Duration 120min


You are dealing with a certain pain chronic or acute? Feeling miss-aligned or energetically out of balance? Having a scar that feels still not perfectly healed? (numb, tingling sensations, weather sensitive)

After a consultation in person or via phone we will then tailor a the perfect treatment just for you by picking one or more massage techniques.

The Duration and frequency of use depends on the situation

Your own healing is powerful

Indian Marmar point massage

Classical Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage

Lymphatic drainage

Thai Body massage

Meridian massage