Flower girl and Nomad by heart.

Growing up on the countryside of Austria I was craving to see the big wide world. Deep at my core I always knew that I am not that kind of girl who only stays in one single place. Maybe part of my star sign, who know`s 😉

LifeMantraAfter finishing my study in touristic management at the age of 19, I took a job as a nanny caring for 2 little girls in Carlsbad California. With the benefit of living almost next door to the Deepak Chopra Center, I ended up taking regular yoga classes. My first ever yoga class was a Nada yoga class and the bliss I felt afterwards was indescribable. I immediately felt hooked in this ancient tradition I knew so little about. A method which was so much more than squeezing my body in certain poses. I felt whole and home in my own body. In 2013 I then decided to complete my first 200hrs yoga teacher training, less with the intention of teaching rather than deepening my own practice.

Wild and FreeSince I was little I had the urge in wanting to heal people. And it always felt quite natural for people opening up to me and I remember moments like providing a Reiki healing session to my class mates during school trips or give someone an angel card reading while dinner. Working with my hands has always been a big aspect of my life and after various trainings in worldwide recognized healing methods, I felt able to connect the dots of the human body, mind and soul. Still, I felt one element missing – The science of nutrition, which I believe is a crucial part on any healing journey.

I completed my training in holistic nutrition in 2019.

For the last 8 years I have been living in Southeast Asia where I got married and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Maya. After practicing yoga for over 13 years and especially since becoming a mom, I believe that everyone needs to have a way of filling their own cup. A way to recharge and reunite with oneself. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary and the only way you can thrive and support others.

Together with my travel tribe (Husband Chris, Toddler Maya, Baby Ella and Jeli the cat) I am living in Javéa, Spain.