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The videos on this page are free of charge as it is important for me to make yoga available to everyone. If you like to support me on this path feel free to buy me a coffee 😉

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For all the beautiful mums out there on their special day. Feel hugged!


This 30min postnatal yoga sequence strenghtens your core, promotes balance and enhances flexibility.

This is a fun practice to bond with your baby.

A short „squeeze in between“ practice for crazy days. To bring back your balance while bonding with your baby.

A 30min yoga sequence to help you kick start your day. With gentle movement and intention setting it is the ideal practice to wake up body and mind.

Nighty night yoga is a yummy yoga sequence ideally practiced right before bed. This gentle yoga flow clears your head and calms your mind so you are ready for a good night sleep ahead.

Put on something comfy and hop on your mat.

The yoga wheel is an amazing prop to improve back flexibility and massage your spine at the same time.

This 12min yoga wheel flow is great if you suffer from tight shoulders or if you want to deepen your backbends. It is followed by a short relaxation sequence which ends in Savasana 🙂

If you have never tried a yoga wheel before, this might be an easy starter flow for you.

Please don’t practice this video if you are suffering from any kind of spine injuries!

This 25min yoga flow will definitely help you get back your ZEN. An All-Level flow which gets rid of stress and anxiety while promoting full body relaxation. Hop on your mat and burry your worry.