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Hey, I am LisaA conscious soul who wants to take action and be part in transforming the world to a better place by living my highest potential. I am a massage therapist,  yoga teacher for small and tall and a coach in holistic nutrition. I am a veggie lover and total advocate for a plant based diet. And I want you to live your BEST LIFE. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Why? Simply because you deserve it. We all do.


Join me in my classes, workshops or retreats to get your dose of inspiration for an authentic, healthy and happy life.




Hello beautiful momma. Do you know this moment, when you could finally put your toddler down for a...



The season I truly miss since living in the tropics, is autumn. When I put on my boots and trudge...



Exactly one year ago today, we left tropical Malaysia to trade it for a dry spot on the sunny...


Lisa comes highly recommended

Her class comes from the heart she is a highly talented yoga teacher and makes everyone feel at ease ! New to yoga or been practising for years you will learn something new from Lisa . Love her classes!

Elaine Stewart

Lisa is a amazing yoga teacher

She has the ability to make everyone feel connected
She is able to confidently direct a group of people in and out of postures in a smooth and clear way that maintains the flow of the class
Lisa’s personality has warmth and compassion and is a beacon of light and willingly shares that light with everyone around her making her class a really special place to be.

Shirley Hodges

Lisa is a warm and welcoming person

She is knowledgeable, experienced and supportive.One of my favorite elements of Lisa training program is variety of experiences she offers to students. I will definitely try other class and workshop of her.

Niloo Jamshidi

Looking forward for the next classes!

I join Lisa’s Mom & Baby yoga class and very much enjoy the experience. She has a way of making a class teaching feel like a personal experience and often throw in factual information that helps you understand why each flow is the perfect way to ease back into movement postpartum. I am happy that yoga has been a part of my life a while now.

Reyrin Vatissa

Lisa is a wonderful person

..warm and friendly with bubbly personality that makes you feel easy to connect with. She is an amazing yoga teacher with years of knowledge and experience. She has so much positive energy during yoga sessions and even after. Her instructions during class is clear and easy to follow and suits to every level (beginners to advance). It was a pleasure and lovely experience being in one of her class and hopefully there will be more to come.

Noorman Affendi Marzukhi

Love Lisa's vinyasa and yin classes

She brings so much positive energy to the class every time and her classes are always fun. I leave every class feeling great and can’t thank her enough for an amazing class each and every time. Definitely one of my favourite instructors in Penang!

Kathleen Diana

Lisa loves what she is doing

I‘ve recently joined one of Lisa’s Yoga workshops and I can highly recommend them. From the first minute you walk in the class you can feel, how much Lisa loves what she is doing. And she can definitely transfer this good vibes to her students.

Eva Rothmeier

Absolutely recommendable!!!

Recently I had the chance to visit a yoga lesson of Lisa. It was the perfect mix of workout, relaxation and fun….exaxtly what I expect from a yoga class. And what is the best, Lisa creates the lessons in a way that everyone gets his perfect practice suitable to his individual yoga level, whether beginner, expert, pregnant,….

Hanni Lades

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