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Exactly one year ago today, we left tropical Malaysia to trade it for a dry spot on the sunny coast of Spain. Crazy how time flies- can’t believe it has already been a year since we moved. A year in which so much happened- New work, new home, new friends, new baby… you think it gets easier after the third move in a new country but to be honest, this time felt the most challenging. I never spend a thought on it that it could be harder because like I said it was already the third time and on top of it, we moved to Europe so why worry. But living in Southeast Asia for whole 7 years is not something you forget- the land, the food and especially the people. These have definitely been my mostly formative years even if some things drove me crazyyyy – just to name a few like organizing a wedding where shortly before your guests fly in, half of the hotel is still under construction or that you have an urgent water leakage and the plumber never shows up, same like the friend you wanted to meet for breakfast. But at the end it always came back to this feeling of absolute freedom and somehow everything felt possible, even if it might took a bit longer.

Don’t get me wrong I love Spain. And it feels nice to be back in a space which is more organized and less messy. And so much closer to family. But looking back, it feels like I left a piece of me behind. So today I am taking you down memory lane and reveal some of my absolute favorite spots on Penang. If you ever have the chance to visit this little Island gem in the western part of Malaysia, do it.
Here my top places


Real Foods
This place is situated in the Straits Quay Marina, a nice promenade filled with pubs and restaurants. Always pretty crowed on the weekend but worth a trip. Real Foods is owned by a lovely Chinese family who offer a full range of local, chinese and western food – all vegetarian and mostly vegan. They bake fresh almost every day and their vegan cinnamon buns are just mindblowing. So are their cake and bread creations. Due to the location a bit pricier than others, but totally worth a visit (or more). Since we only lived a 5 minute walk away, this was our weekend go to.

Yi ke shu
Located in Tanjung Tokong near Tenby School. Less known among expats and therefore much cheaper compared to other places. Their menu is completely vegan and super yummy. What I loved most is, that they only offer local dishes.

This was our absolute favorite breakfast spot! They are located on Love Lane in Georgetown (close to Mugshot Café). Their vegan sandwich and sweet potato fries are just out of this world. And their almond cappuccino is to die for!

Sushi kitchen
I don`t lie when I say they make the best sushi on the whole planet! Their whole menu is plant based and they also offer take away which is ideal for movie nights. They are located at Gurney Plaza Mall.

Wholey wonder
Located a bit further outside of Georgetown, at HinBusDepot. But definitely worth the trip and traffic. HBD offers weekly Sunday Pop-up markets which are best combined with indulging delicious food at Wholey Wonder. Or join a daily yoga session at their tiny yoga studio situated just on top of the café.

And don’t forget to indulge in Little India’s colorful and tasty cuisine which stalls are open 24/7 and are spread across the whole Quarter located in Georgetown. Best doshas on the planet (outside of India).


Wholey wonder (Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga) Sunalini Yoga (Iyengar) The Space Penang (Prenatal, kids, restorative)


Sifu Reflexology (Georgetown)

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