PIMP YOUR WATER! A Super simple, colorful and fun way to make drinking water kinda exciting, not just for kids!

Studies have shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism and drinking fruit and veggie infused water will definitely increase your water intake. Fruit flavored water does not only look good but tastes good on top! So today I am sharing a star in the fruit infused water family and definitely one of my current favorites. If you love Basil as much as I do,  you will for sure love this recipe!

Starfruit Blueberry Basil Water

All you need for that is:

1 Starfruit

1 Lemon

1 cup of Blueberries

1 cup of fresh Basil

Ice cubes


What to do now:

Properly wash your fruits and leaves.

Take a big jug ( 1 liter ) and fill it one third with ice cubes.

Then cut your Carambola ( Starfruit ) into medium thick slices and add it together with the blueberries and the basil leaves in the jug.

Fill it up with water and squeeze in some lemon juice.

Stay hydrated!


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