Hippie soul born in Austria. November childSagittarius in sign. Moon worshiper. Sun seeker living in Asia. Compassionate world hugger always in the mood for new adventures. Free spirit living her dream.


Hi, I am Lisa. 

I am a flower girl and Nomad by heart. Always on the search for new adventures. I am definitely a Sunseeker, maybe that`s why I felt always so drawn to the sea. 

My life`s Mantra: Love. Travel. Yoga.

So I ended up joining my first ever yoga class in Carlsbad, California at the age of 19. I just finished Tourism college and went abroad as an Au pair when my friend dragged me along for some Nada yoga at the all so famous Chopra Center. I was so blown away by this class and the feeling I had afterwards.. words can`t describe it.  Suddenly everything made so much sense. I wanted more of this feeling and ended up devouring all different kind of yoga books, started my own home practice and continued to attend regular yoga classes. 

After coming back from the US, I was sure that this was just the beginning of my yoga path. And I was right. After falling in love with my soulmate, getting engaged in Africa, completing my massage therapy training and heading for a road trip through Scotland, I felt it`s time to move on. But this time, together! And soon we ended up in South East Asia. In Indonesia - the land of vulcanos. Wow - so much happened here! First we got married on the beautiful beach side of Lombok and then I even decided to go for my first 200hrs yoga teacher training in Bali lead by Yoga Arts Australia.

Even I always felt so damn scared of public speaking, I soon had the urge to teach and so it came that I started giving regular classes in my neighborhood. Followed by further trainings around the world; Pre-and Postnatal Yoga by Ann Barros and Kids Yoga by Rainbow Kids in Jakarta as well Yin Yoga by Sarah Powers in Greece.

As a Hatha yoga practitioner I am blending together Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asanas (yoga poses) and Meditation while using my therapy knowledge as a base for all of my classes. My favorite yoga style is definitely Vinyasa yoga, since I love how the body flows from one posture to the other and make the whole practice look like a graceful dance. I therefore don`t have to mention that I looove music. It just makes the world rounder and is an ideal tool to guide the energy in a class.

Compared to other days where I like to have it quiet. Where I like to shut myself of from the world around me and just sit and meditate. I actually started the other way around than most people, since I was meditating even before my yoga practice. I think I was around 12 when I first gave it a shot. I am convinced that meditation is a really important part of yoga, you can even say it`s the base of any yoga. As soon as you understand that you can guide the way of thinking, your life starts to unfold, your yoga asanas change, your breathing gets clearer and your heart opens. 2015 it was when I challenged myself on a Vipassana retreat which again proved that we can truly make everything happen if we only believe in it. 

I am a believer in the power of mantras, crystals and aromatherapy. And everything in between what makes the world so magical. 

I am trained in all different kind of massage techniques like classical Swedish massage, deep and scar tissue massage, Lymphatic drainage, Reflexology, Ear acupuncture, Meridian and Hot stone Massage. I am additionally certified in Balinese Massage by Sekar Jagat Spa, Thai Yoga Massage by TMC School, Chiang Mai and Indian Abyhanga and Marmar Point Massage by Manaltheeram Ayurveda Acadamey.

Next to my family, yoga and travel, I love to move. In all directions. Like to try different styles and workouts but running definitely sticked to me the longest since this   helped me to cure my childhood asthma. The happiest I am in the water, so swimming and diving got a big passion in my life. As well hopping onto a stand up paddle board and bringing my yoga practice to the water whenever I can. 

When I am not moving or cuddling with my family, I like to spend my time in the kitchen which is kind of my second sacred space after my yoga mat. Then I turn on some music while trying out different recipes (mostly vegan) from around the world. Having time to prepare a fresh and nourishing meal for the whole family works truly like a meditation, at least for me. Follow me on Instagram under @yogalovebylisa to get your daily dose of inspiration, food recipes, travel pics or simply an impression of my jungle life.

Together with my travel tribe (Husband Chris, Baby Maya and Jeli the cat) I am currently living and loving in Penang, a tiny little island in the western part of Malaysia.