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I finally managed to find some time to write a brief review about our last trip to India. And when I think about it, this was actually the first country we have been to, where we haven`t seen anything.. AT ALL!!

Having a small baby with 4 months, a super busy husband who just wants to relax and an eager mind which is keen for some ayurvedic training, we decided to take it slowly. So there we were in Kovalam, in the middle of nowhere at the most southern point in India. Being about 1 hour drive from the international airport Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandum) in Kerala and about 3-4 hours from all other sightseeing spots away, made it pretty easy to just lay back and enjoy every day as it came. So to sum it up – all we mainly did was eating, sun soaking and yoga. And while I learned how to properly do an Indian Abhyanga massage and find all the Marmar points (Vital points) in the morning, my husband enjoyed his daily Shirodhara in the evening. The time in-between was spent together as a family, either at the beach or in front of our beautiful bungalow with direct view to the sea.

The hotel itself was pretty stunning – directly situated at Kerala`s finest beach where you could take endless walks or watch the sun go down.

So we stayed there for 8 days, in a Special Cottage with air condition and a hammock – the two must haves on this part of the world 🙂 We were also booked for the Vegetarian Ayurveda Buffet (Full Board) which was THE BEST choice since the food was so tasty, fresh and diverse. Some dishes were hard though if you are vegan, since in Ayurveda they use lots of Ghee (resolidified butter) as well cow milk. I am kinda vegan. At least at home and whenever I have the option, but learned to accept  that it`s not always possible while traveling. Especially with local food in Asia since it can sometimes be quite challenging to get a clear idea about real ingredients. Accepting and doing the best I can along the way (in every aspect of my life) is truly the most important point I learned during my yoga practice. Anyhow the food was amazing and don`t get met started on all the herbal teas, the fresh juice variations and the salad buffet which changed daily twice!

Next to their wide range of Ayurveda treatments they also offered daily yoga classes as well meditation. Held outside under the palm trees overlooking the sea. All suitable for Beginners as well advanced students.

So if you guys feel fancy doing an Ayurveda treatment or just want to spend some healthy time by the beach, this place might be it. Find out more on their homepage www.manaltheeram.com

Here some of our impressions..





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