How to make flying (more) comfortable? With the right equipement of course, like you would plant to hike up on the top of a mountain. So today I would like to share my always on board airplane essentials which make flying so much more comfortable. No matter where I go.. those things are ALWAYS in my handbag!

Fight rule number one! WATER! Therefore I always bring a reusable water bottle which I let fill up as soon as I enter the airplane. So I don`t have to squeeze over my neighbors lab every time I want to fill up my tiny little cup or I have to wait endless hours the flight attendants to their job. So now I just have to squeeze out when I have to pi which yeah.. happens when you drink plenty of water.

I normally also buy some vitamin water, just to fill me up with additional magnesium while sitting for a longer period of time. There are nowadays too many on the market, most of them filled with tons of sugar so have a  good look before you buy it! I like the Glaceau vitamin water, available at Starbucks, so nearly everywhere to get, still a bit sugary but far less than others. Another brand I like is Ganic, even less sweet but more difficult to get.

Snacks like NutZ! For a quick energy boost and to avoid the scary arising of hangriness!

A book because I never leave the house without it. I always read, even while standing in the line right before boarding. My journal because I have this thing when my head goes up in the air, it kind of triggers my brain and I get flashy ideas which I have to write down before they get lost in the open space..haha!

A pair of socks, preferred the handmade ones from grandma because I always freeze in airplanes no matter how much I wear. And of course my headphones with an accurate travel playlist which is now up on SPOTIFY!.

Sure I bring a toothbrush and some chewing gum, but the healthy version of it. There are already many natural chewing gums out there. My favorite one is XYLITOL gum from Miradent in the flavor of cinnamon which I always stock up when I am back home in Austria. Xylitol is a natural sweetener made out of birch trees, which is also found in fruits and veggies as well in the human metabolism.

Herbal tea bags to put me to sleep faster (what the hell is in there!?!) and my sleeping mask (ideally made from cotton).

A must bring is essential oil like peppermint which helps against travel sickness, headache, an upset stomach and it clears the mind after a leak of sleep. I also like to bring a aroma roll on which is easy to apply and helps to relax. My current favorite is the Stress fix von Aveda. 

Any kind of deo without aluminium. This is hard to get in Asia, so I always bring some from home. I truly like Sante, because they are able to give the deos a nice smell even they are organic.

A hand cream definitely makes your flight and hands happier. One of my absolute favorite brands at the moment is Pangea Organics. I love the products, all of it. Australia truly knows how to rule the organic cosmetic market but unfortunately also the price. Right now I use Chilean Rosehip with Tamanu & Red Clover. My lips get usually try when I am in planes, so I bring a lip balm as well. I really like the products from Burt`s bees. 

I have really sensitive eyes so I always bring along some natural eye drops to fight against the dryness and prevents them from getting red. When I have not enough sleep my eyes tend to get puffy so for that I love to use a eye cooling roll on. The brand I use is No Puffery von Origins. I bring as well a sea salt nose spray for a proper breathing during the flight..  and of course don’t` forget to bring your passport!!

You can see, I have a big handbag 🙂 Anyway, the more you travel either via car, plane or train, you will get more familiar with what YOUR body really needs! I am not an advertiser for brands neither do I want to become one! I even don`t have a lot of products which I use on a regular basis. I just take what is natural, feels good and whatever I find on my way. My device is: If it nourishes you stick with it! But be flexible while you travel because certain things might not always be available!


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