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Tokyo oh Tokyo, I truly felt in love with you. You are not just a crazy wild city full of Pokemon’s and Hello kitty but you are also very very CLEAN and GREEN. And that with a population of about 14 million people and nearly no rubbish bins. How the heck does this work?? Easy! The people in Japan are just doing what is common sense and clean up the mess they make. This is how it`s supposed to be, right?!

But there is so much more..

.. all these beautiful parks, we strolled through, each day a different one. On some days even two. Filled with little lakes, tea houses and perfectly cut bonsai trees and of course parkways of cherry trees with people having picnics underneath… now thinking of it makes me wanna go back on an instant. 

What makes Tokyo so interesting I think, are its many contrasts. You can either quietly sip a cup of green tea in Hamarikyu garden overlooking the pond or have a matcha latte in Ginza district while watching people in their Armani suits passing by. You can either get lost in the endless mass of Shibuya crossing or go up to 350m and above and watch people look like ants. You can either go crazy on electronic in Akihabara or eat crazy colored cotton candy in Harajuku street. You can eat traditional bean cake in the old town of Asakusa or have cake with Alice in Wonderland in Ikebukuro.

All this makes Tokyo so bright and totally worth a visit! There is so much more to tell but this time I want to give you mainly an idea where to head for veggies. Being Vegetarian / Vegan in Tokyo is still kind of tricky so being prepared and knowing where to go definitely helps and prevents you from starving.

There is at least one vegetarian dish available in nearly each restaurant but when you are unlucky you just get stuck with rice. That`s why I am happy to share with you a couple of places we have been too as well our absolute favorite coffee shop. 

8tablish (Minato)

This is a more pricy version of vegan restaurant but the atmosphere is amazing and the food just delicious. Especially their fancy ice cream creations like bergamot lavender or salted caramel. 

Afuri (Ebisu)

The real deal and a must try when you are in town. A traditional Japanese Ramen bar close to Meguro River. Here you feel like a local and the best, you can watch them prepare everything from scratch. Even if there is only one vegan option available but, those Rainbow Ramen will definitely blow your mind. Best Ramen I ever had so far. Chris agrees 🙂

Ain Soph. Ripple (Shinjuku)

This place is a hidden gem and the perfect breakfast spot. Relaxed atmosphere, yummy burgers and mouth-wathering pancakes. If you are craving for sweets, try out their variety of cookies!


Ts Tan Tan (Tokyo Station)

It took us a while to find this spot but the long search was totally worth it. Great place to enjoy a bowl of tasty Soba noodles and complimentary green tea while watching the hustle and bustle at Tokyo`s biggest hub.  



Is a coffee and tea chain spread all around Japan. You can literally find them everywhere. The right corner to grab some breakfast to go or enjoy it right were you are. Also nearly the only coffee/tea shop where you can order a non dairy matcha. 

Here just a few more places we wanted to check out but didn`t had the time left to do it. So whenever you are in Tokyo, try them and tell me what you think. Happy about any feedback 🙂

  • Loving Hut
  • Nagi Shokudo
  • Deva Deva Café
  • OHANA from earth Café
  • Veganic to go

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