What I love about Yoga? That you can do it really ANYTIME EVERYWHERE.. even on a tiny plane!! If you follow our journey / life more frequently you might observe, that we spend quite a bit of it in it, so to make flying more convenient I will share some easy yoga stretches you can do anytime during your flight. Of course you will have more space in First or Business Class but if you are like me traveling the cheap way, it might become a bit of a challenge ūüôā

Start with bringing your right arm on top of your left. Grab your left thumb or bring your palms together. Point your fingertips to the ceiling and draw your shoulders down and away from your ears. If you have enough space you can also wrap your left leg around your right. Stay for a couple of breaths before you change side.

To mobilize the spine after long sitting Twists are the perfect choice. Take a deep inhale and twist to the left –¬†your left hand takes hold on to the seat while your right hand reaches for the arm rest.¬†Keep your spine upright while you twist. On each exhale deepen the twist a bit more. Slowly unfold and change side.

Sit upright and draw your tailbone in. Embrace your elbows in the back and pull your shoulders down. If you find enough space between the seats, bend forward on your next exhale. Stay there for a couple of breaths.

Sit upright and bring your hands on your lower back. Pull the shoulders down and in. To deepen this pose, point your fingers upwards.

Tilt your neck to the right, so that your right ear comes closer to your right shoulder. Bring your right hand on your left ear and push with your left hand against the seat. Feel the stretch on your left neck and take in a couple of breaths before you switch side.

Keep your left knee bent while lifting your right leg up. Straighten your right leg as much as possible and take hold of your foot, your lower leg or thigh. Inhale and pull your leg a bit closer towards your chest. Stay for some breaths before your switch sides. If this version doesn`t work for you due to tight hamstrings or less space just bend your knees and pull them to your chest. Hold for a couple of minutes.

In addition to some tight plane yoga, I suggest to move your legs as much as possible.. walking in the aisle a couple of times or lifting your heels and wiggling your toes while watching a movie. And even more important: Drink plenty of fluids!!! To make flying even more convenient and prevent further jet lag symptoms check out my article here. 


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