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Everyone who knows me, knows I am a huge crystal advocate and so is my daughter. I think all children naturally are. Maya loves to sneak away my crystals to put them up on her own little altar and frequently asks questions like “Which stone is good against bellyache mommy” or “Which stone helps me to fall asleep faster and brings only unicorn dreams” 😂 I truly love how easy and totally normal kids handle spirituality. I mean seriously, when do we loose this natural trust we are all born with?

There are so many reasons why I recommend to get some magical gems for your kids. You can use them to smooth sorrow, boost self confidence, witch away fear or in any other area where needed.

To sum it up, here are a few of my favorite crystals and their super powers.

Calming, promotes sleep and prevents nightmares. Children love it due it is purple color. You can place it underneath the pillow or on the nightstand.

Helps to deal with emotional issues (sibling rivalry). It is a gentle stone which you can wear longterm as a pendant, bracelet or to carry in the pocket.

Known as the ‚lucky stone‘ and therefore ideal to put in the pocket during exams when you need an extra boost of encouragement. It`s the perfect stone for shy kids to encourage social engagement and leadership skills.

A great stone to promote focus and concentration.

Known as the master healer and acts as an all purpose healer. THE stone if you intend to only get one.

Also a good way is to allow the kid to pick their very own stone. Create a story around it how it helps them with their issue or how it simply protects them. Kids often know best what they truly need.

I hope this little post inspires you to dig in this topic even deeper. Have fun picking the right one for you and your child.
Photo by @therapydirectory


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