Time for some pampering. Everyone needs it from time to time. Especially after spending long hours in a plane! But instead of running to the next Spa try to create your own little oasis and bringt it right into your home.

It’s an easy way to indulge without spending a fortune or even leaving the house. Here’s my routine for a SPA DAY at home as a little inspiration for your own. 

Hot Lemon water. The first thing I do right after getting up early mornings I drink a big cup of hot lemon water. It detoxifies the body from all the waste which was stored over night, gives you a good dose of vitamin C which boosts your immune system as well regulates your digestion.

Meditation & Journaling. The next thing I normally do is sitting in silence. Just for a couple of minutes. For that I use my favorite spot on our balcony, stare at the sea and just let my mind slowly fall into place while sipping on my lemon water. Sometimes I write down my thoughts or goals for that day.

Practice. If I don`t have a morning yoga class I usually start my own practice right before breakfast. For you, it don`t has to be yoga just pick your favorite workout and start a routine. If you need some ideas or support there are plenty of youtube videos from all different kind of activities. Important is that you move and stretch your body, at least for 20 minutes. To completely surrender it helps me to turn on some music and lighten up some incense.

Breakfast Smoothie. I normally mix everything up what I have in my fridge ( yeah I had kinda strange variations ) but most of the time they taste really yummy. So go ahead and look what you can find or be prepared with some of your favorite fruits and veggies. Smoothies are a great way to breakfast, since you can bring them along wherever you go. They also fill you up enough to stay active until lunch.

Dry Brush & Aromatherapy. If your day is a bit tighter choose hooping in the shower. But before you do that take 5 minutes to dry brush your entire body. Dry brushing helps improve circulation and flushes the lymphatic system. Take a long, hot shower and then try a homemade body scrub to exfoliate your skin. Choose natural shower gels / oils with lavender for relaxation or stimulating ones like eucalyptus for a more energizing effect. Afterwards moisturize your body all the way from head to toe.

If you like to surrender and spend some more time in the bathroom have a bath with some sea salt or even freshly picked flower petals to give you a bit of Bali vibe. The good thing here is that you have time to add two more treats: Hair and Facial mask. I also love to light up some candles while being in the tub.

Infused Detox Water. Make sure to always drink plenty of water, especially when you are living in a tropical climate and sweat a lot. A good alternative to normal water and sugary juices is fruit infused water. Make a whole batch of it to have enough for the rest of your day.

Lunch. Prepare some homemade lunch where you choose to use fresh and natural ingredients only. This is the time where I normally have a big bowl of Salad, the more color the better.

Reading & Relaxation. Spend some time reading, relaxing or power napping.

Breathe. Walk through the forest, the snow, the rain or stroll on the beach. As long as you breathe in fresh air its fine. If you don`t want to leave the house, open the windows instead and take a couple of deep breathes or do some rounds of Pranayama.

Mani / Pedi. If you have some time left. Squeeze in some beauty treat for your nails and toes. While doing your hands you can dipp your feet into warm water. Infuse it with some drops of pure essential oil. I like to use peppermint for my feet.

Dinner. Have some light and good digestible food. Ideal would be a stew or soup.


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