Time to hop on the plane and escape. While Penang gets floated with crowds of people celebrating Chinese new year, we decided to spontaneously go for some relaxing beach time instead.

And since I am in the middle of packing I thought why not sharing it a bit  with you guys, to get a little glimpse what a yogini carries in her bag while heading to Thailand.

Of course always on board: my yoga mat. But instead of bringing my heavy one, I am going for the thin and light travel version. But there are some more things I love to take with me.

To make it easy I normally travel in my sneakers. So I have my sport shoes already by hand since I love to have a morning run by the beach whenever I am close to. As we fly to Thailand I also hope for some good Muay Thai Classes which I felt in love around half a year ago!! If you haven`t tried it so far, seriously give it a try! It`s quite a fun workout – challenging as well sweaty with lots of focus and hopefully no blue eyes 😉

So for Yoga and any other sport activities I always like to pack at least 2 pants / leggings together with some tops. Every time I go to the beach I grab my yoga towel which is the best option yoga in the sand. To clean my mat afterwards,  I just take it with me under the shower to get rid of the main sandcastles and remove the rest with a handy yoga mat spray.

After shower I normally apply some lotion especially after being in the sun a lot. But on holiday when I have more time I d`like to use a Massage Oil to give my skin a bit of additional care after lots and lots of beach time.

I always bring some essential oils and my lavender eye cushion. The essential oil and eye cushion I already keep in my handbag while traveling since this is the best airplane combo for early flights and tired eyes! The Aromas pray I as well use as a kind of protection shield whenever I am surrounded by lots of people.

As soon as I check in,  I try to create a little Altar. No matter where I am. This got kinda ritual of creating a bit of home away from home. Therefore I always bring some crystals and my little wooden buddha which I got as a protector from my dear mother in law. I love reading cards in a spiritual sense. So whenever I can find a little space left ( I do always bring to much!!  Even I should know by know! ) I try to squeeze them in… Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Yoga Cards, you name it I have it.

So to make a long story short here a little Summary of my just mentioned travel buddies:

    • Yoga Travel Mat by Hugger Mugger
    • Yoga Towel by Yogitoes
    • Yoga Mat Spray by Manduka (easy self-made, post coming up soon)
    • Incense Sticks, normally NagChampa, right now some Nepali brand
    • Yoga Healing Cards by Elena Brower
    • Aromatherapy Spray by Anne Jones
    • A handful of Crystals (especially Turquoise also known under THE Travel stone)
    • Coconut Mint Massage Candle by Pino
    • Eye cushion handmade in Penang
    • Sneakers by Nike
    • Yoga Pants by Lululemon, Tekkie or whatever.. who cares..
    • Yoga Top whatever you find in your closet.

I hope this helps a bit if you are heading for a yoga holiday the very first time or just hadn`t a clue what to pack.. and at the end it`s all about your personal experience!

Om Shanti and safe travels wherever you are heading over Chinese New Year!


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