Since one of the most frequently asked (yoga related) questions I get from people is

„What kind of mat do you use? „

I thought why not bringing up a short review on the mats I tried so far including my experience with it. Even as a yoga teacher and a 10 year long practitioner I don`t really have a lot of mats than most people expect. I think the first 5 years I was mainly practicing on the bare floor, gras, beaches, carpets, towels or on any cheap mat I could find in a store nearby.

My first mat was from adidas since as a student I didn`t want to spend a lot of money on each so I also used it until it fell apart. So yeah, it looks like I wasn`t really into the big fancy mat business neither in the trendy yoga clothes one since I mostly practiced in my underwear or bikini. Not like now, where people even wear their yoga pants off the mat.  I didn`t give a damn about any of that back then..  maybe it was because I was too busy on getting started that nothing else mattered or because I mainly meditated and had a more stretchy yoga practice compared to now. Anyhow my practice changed quite a bit in-between. From Nada Yoga to only meditation, to gentle Hatha yoga, to a fluid Vinyasa practice, to Ashtanga over back to Vinyasa, to Yin Yoga.. So since I got a more vigorous and active practice where I sweat a lot especially on my hands and feet, I found out that the right mat really does make my practice easier and therefore smoother!

So here is a little review of my little mat library and hope it helps you to find YOUR RIGHT MAT! I had some more mats in-between, but either they are not worth mentioning, I gave them away or they broke. So those are the ones I still have at home and use regularly. 

Tapas Travel  by Hugger Mugger – 3 mm

Was one of my first travel mats. Light and easy to fold like a blanket and suits in every little bag. Big BUT: Even after lots of soaking in the tub with some dishwasher soap it still stayed slippery.

Conclusion: Ideal mat if you don`t want to spend a lot of money (20 USD only) and don`t tend to sweat a lot (particularly on hands and feet)

The Reversible (Un) Mat by LuLuLemon – 1,5mm

My favorite for traveling! Light, easy to fold and absolutely non-slippery! BUT since this is maybe one of the most well-known yoga brands, the price for it is much higher than for any other conventional yoga mat. (about 50USD; the thicker the mat the more expensive they are)

Conclusion: This mat brings your yoga practice to a whole new level since you truly stick to your mat. Perfect for traveling yogis!

Harmony Mat by Jade Yoga – 4mm

My first expensive mat. Bought around 4 years ago which I use nearly every day ever since so it has a quite longevity you can say (when hidden from cat claws).

An excellent solid mat made out of natural rubber which is totally anti -slippery and eco-friendly on top. So the real karma yogi mat. BUT a bit hard to clean for my taste and definitely to heavy to bring along while traveling. 

Conclusion: For people who want to buy one good quality mat! 

Manduka PROlite by Manduka –  5mm

My newest acquisition which I love to the top! Wow why didn`t I bought this one earlier. It`s true what they say, this one is a real bro. Totally sticky (that`s actually a good thing) and easy to clean. The price is kind of in-between so not a lot of BUT`s so far. Totally get it, why this one was nominated to the best damn yoga mat you can find on the market right now!! 

Conclusion: Too bulky to stuff in your luggage but just right for a regular yoga practice at home.

So if you are interested in a more detailed research on yoga mats and why the Manduka PRO is such a BRO and won the title of “the best yoga mat” read on here


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