Ever wondered how to work out with a baby? Especially soon after birth where bonding is constantly needed? Then try out Baby Carrier Yoga. All you need is a Carrier and a Baby of course 🙂  I also tried it with a baby wrap which works too but since the head is still pretty wobbly at the beginning, it was a bit more challenging to keep it in the wrap while moving. Baby Carrier Yoga makes both happy – it`s a good workout for mamma (even more when the little ones are getting heavier) while your baby enjoys the movement close to you. Happy mamma, happy baby!

GODDESS POSE. Stand in Mountain pose. Step your right foot back and turn both of your feet in. Turn your heels in and place your hands on your knees. Hold for 5 breaths. Inhale at the center then exhale and point your right shoulder towards your left knee. Inhale come back to center, exhale change side. Repeat a couple of times. To exit this pose, straighten your legs and step both feet together.

WARRIOR MUM. Beginn in Mountain pose with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step your right leg back and point your left foot forward. Turn your back foot for about 90 degrees. Inhale and lift your arms parallel to your shoulders or hold on to your little one. Slowly bend your left knee and stack it over the ankle. Try to hold for 5 deep breaths.

SIDE ANGLE STRETCH. Start in Warrior mum pose. Inhale and bring your weight towards your left feet. Rest your left hand on top of your left knee or grab your little bub while reaching your right arm up. Fold towards your bent knee, point your fingers and look up. Stay grounded with the edge of your right foot.

WIDE LEGGED SEAT. Sit with your legs to the side wide open. Lengthen through the top of your crown, tuck the chin towards your chest and look to your baby. Tilt your hips up while grounding your tailbone down. Inhale and point your toes up while rotating your knees out and down. Hold for 5-10  deep breaths.

DOUBLE SAVASANA BLISS. Remove the carrier. Lie on your back with your baby on your chest. You might want to use a folded blanket to support your hips and head. Rest your legs on top of a chair, couch or wall. Whatever is nearby and feels more comfortable for both of you. Rest your arms on your baby and enjoy the breathing together.


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