A very active and fluid style of yoga since you literally flow from one posture to the next and making the whole workout look really graceful. Vinyasa yoga doesn’t stick to the same sequence every single time like ashtanga does, so the classes vary quite which makes it very diverse. This kind of yoga will definitely make you sweat!

A quiet, meditative yoga practice, also called taoist yoga. Yin focuses on lengthening the connective tissues in our bodies and is meant to complement a powerful yang practice like Vinyasa Yoga. Yin poses are passive, meaning you’re supposed to relax muscles and let gravity do the work. You’ll mainly do a couple of floor poses but will hold each posture for about 3-5 minutes. Yin Yoga is also known to be very therapeutic since you work on clearing your energy channels (Nadis or Meridians), heal old traumas and practice patience at the same time.

In prenatal yoga poses are carefully adapted during all stages of pregnancy to suit the needs of the expectant mother while Postnatal yoga supports your body on getting back in shape as well heals it after this big transformation into motherhood.

This is a class especially designed for mum`s and their little ones. A yoga workout where you can bring and workout along side your baby. A combination of active yoga poses for mum, nourishing movements and massages for baby and a fun interactive part for both of them. A special space to connect with your baby while supporting them to grow into healthy and mindful little beings.

Yoga is for everyone and especially good for Kids since they learn from small onwards how to add yoga naturally into their life’s. Yoga supports their physical and mental development, improves performance and motor skills, strengthens body and self awareness, supports concentration and creativity, sensitivity and breathing and overall gives them a clear view of the world right from the start.
Kids don`t learn yoga, they experience it!

You have a special health issue or want to just deepen your own yoga practice? Then this is your class – individuell crafted and privately held – especially designed for you! Here we combine yoga and massage therapy into a full package of bliss to nourish, strengthen and heal your body to fit your own needs!

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