At each New Moon we plant a seed for what we want to grow in the next 30 days. This can be in term of initiating new activities or changing habits. Or it can just have a symbolic meaning to ground your intentions. Through rituals, we engage with forces greater than ourselves. We harness the power of the elements – fire, earth, air and water to bring magic into our lives and create what we desire.

How do rituals work? 

A ritual focuses thought and emotion in one sharp direction to harness the creative power of intention. By using scents, crystals, candles and music we engage all our senses as well our subconscious mind. Once you have collected and guided all your attention towards your intention, the manifestation starts. By doing rituals we also connect with greater powers, also called universal power. Some may see this force in the form of angels, guides, god or goddesses, totems or mother earth. But you can simply see it in the form of your own higher self. The key is finding what resonates with you. For example if you are drawn to animals decorate your altar with feathers and pictures or statues of animals.

Making use of the elements

Write your intentions on a piece of paper and choose one element you feel attracted to.

Fire: Create a fire pit or light a candle and burn your paper of intentions.

Earth: Pot a flower or plant a tree and bury your paper of intentions in it.

Air: Put up wind chimes or hang up bird feathers and attach your paper of intentions to it.

Water: Soak in a bath tub and take your paper of intentions with you 🙂

Since I am born in the fire element I love doing fire ceremonies, where I light tons of candles, burn sage or palo santo and set my intentions on fire. But this month I thought I try something different and will soak my baby belly in a tub filled with sea salt instead. Or if you have the ocean near by (and no jelly fish around) have a swim and mindfully soak your intentions in there.

Recipe for a New Moon Cleansing Bath

2 cups of Himalayan pink salt

Dry brush


Aroma oils (optional)

Fill up your tub while adding the right amount of salt. If you have a big tub, add an additional cup of salt since the big amount of salt deepens your cleanse.

While your tub fills up, prepare your body with a dry brush massage. Start brushing from the toes to your top. Treat this as a kind of worshiping practice towards yourself. Try to be very mindful of each stroke and always move the brush in one direction and towards your heart.

Light up some candles, make use of a diffuser or listen to some soothing music. Then hop into the bath tub and relax in the water for at least 30 minutes. Then keep your focus on your intentions and all the impurities being pulled away from your body.

When you’re ready, get out and make yourself a big cup of hot tea. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water to continue encouraging the flush from your system.

Happy soaking!


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