Feeling jet lagged? Super tired, unmotivated or just totally out of balance?? This green little wonder should help to get some of your strength and power back.


All you need is:

A good handful of spinach

1 green apple (optional with peach)

1 cup of cold ginger tea

1/2 a lemon (juice only)

1 tbsp of honey

A dash of cinnamon

A bunch of ice cubes

All you need to do is:

Roughly chop the apples and spinach, add the lemon juice (take care of the seeds!) and honey, pour over the tea, sweeten everything up with some honey and don`t forget to add a pinch of cinnamon.. too yummy to forget! Add the ice cubes and mix everything up together. Fill it in a glas and sprinkle it with some chia seeds.

Enjoy with your legs up the couch 😉


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