24 July 2016

It`s S U M M E R  T I M E ! So instead of practicing in a hot studio, why not bringing your practice with you into the pool (ocean or lake) ?

Water relaxes your muscles, increases joint mobility and supports your body weight which allows you to move deeper into the postures. Swimming and exercising in water is the ideal practice during pregnancy, especially in your last trimester when your ligaments tend to overstretch easily. 

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13 July 2016

As I stopped eating meat (4 years ago) and fish (3 years ago) I first thought this is now the end of awesome barbecues but this was before I knew how many veggies you can actually grill and how tasty they all are!! I got more and more creative and started to put all different kind of veggies and fruits on screwers to grill them like a champ. From potatoes to zucchini to eggplant, over fennel to mango and pineapple.. I had it all. And all tasted uniquely yummy! So this time I tried Brussel sprouts! Since I hated them cooked as a child I thought why not giving it a try in different version.. and I tell ya, they taste delicious! Grilled veggies together with some dip are a super easy option for any garden party or barbecue beach party, not just for Vegeterians ;) 


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04 July 2016

Tamarind also called Indian date. Originally coming from Africa, this fruit is now also widely spread in South East Asia. I truly don`t know any fruit which has a similar taste like Tamarind, but it`s next to coconut my absolute favorite refreshment on hot summer days! 

Tamarind also provides some serious health benefits like relieving sunstroke, distributing sore throat or improving digestion. It lowers cholesterol and is an ideal source of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium.

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