19 September 2016
So everybody who is following me more closely on social media, knows about my lately adapted baby belly pic obsession ;) since there are only a few more days left where I can carry around this little bump. Actually it´s only one more day until the official due date! ONE DAY!! Can you believe it?! These 9 months passed so quickly that I still can't grasp it.. but the shorter the past months felt, the longer the end feels like; so enjoying every last minute of being pregnant while getting fuzzy from waiting all at the same time.

As I am coming closer to my due date, the more questions I get what I am going to bring to the hospital. Good question. Maybe all the same stuff what others bring too. And to be honest I had no clue, when I started packing. So the first thing what I did was checking Pinterest what other mummies actually do bring and I think, I figured it out, at least for me. So I will let you have a closer look into my hospital bag(s) today which maybe clarify some of your questions too.

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23 August 2016

Pregnancy is a miraculous time in every woman’s life but adjusting to all the changes happening inside the body can sometimes also trigger certain discomfort. Each trimester brings something new to a mum-to-be,  especially when it comes to her workout routine and an every growing belly. 

Besides swimming, yoga is definitely the ideal workout throughout pregnancy. It will help you to stay active, deal with the extra weight and changing balance, gives you physical and mental strength, relieves back pain and prepares your body for a successful and natural delivery.

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19 August 2016

I've been a big fan of eggplant lately so finding this awesome recipe which is a mix of Japanese sushi and Mediterranean grill party was the best that could have happen that day! It may not look like a big fussy recipe but believe me, it does fill you up! And its super easy and tasty at the same time!

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