15 April 2018

Hello beautiful momma.

Do you know this moment, when you could finally put your toddler down for a nap, you unroll your mat, sit down, take a deep breath and then you hear. . .“MOMMY“!

This is the moment where your mind will probably goes: Oh great. That`s it for today! BUT don`t roll your mat up just yet, mama! Because it just means you can`t practice alone. But you can practice together even if this means you have to minimize or adjust your practice according to your toddler. And if you allow them to anticipate, I promise you will be amazed on how much you can actually do TOGETHER. Further you aid their natural development of movement and increase their own body awareness while you bond with your child on a whole new level. Allowing them to join your practice is also the best way to cultivate their own mindfulness as well promote an active lifestyle from early days on.

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22 January 2018

The season I truly miss since living in the tropics, is autumn. When I put on my boots and trudge through streets, colorful wrapped in leaves of all shapes and sizes. The time when I crave to wear my rain coat and jump in every puddle I see. Thinking of this season I also want to soak in my bathtub, sip hot tea and warm my feet in front of the fire place. So to hover in this feeling of coziness, I made this delicious recipe which I love and I am sure you will too  (if you like pumpkins).

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06 January 2018

Setting intentions. This is a really wonderful tradition, through out the year. Still, at the very last day of the year everything seems to get more meaning. We are more sentimental about our dreams and wishes and everything seems to suddenly be possible which brings a very special energy with it. The feeling of a clean slate, a fresh start. The feeling we can start over with whatever feels not right. But maybe it`s also the realization that time is moving faster than we think. Maybe we still find ourselves in the same space we already wanted to change for so long. So here is your time. Make use of this transition. 2018 as another shot, a different opportunity to create the life you truly wanna live in. Even if I think we shouldn`t wait all the way towards the end to perform this action. Further more seeing every day like this. A new sunrise. A new wake up. A new chance.


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