Parenthood. It will twist and turn you in every way possible. It will form you like you could never imagine.

You will feel more emotions in one day than you ever cared to feel.

You will be humbled, embarrassed, sweaty, unsure, pushed to your limits, thankful but most of all loved.

You will learn how to forgive easily and how to be fully present with every fiber of your body.

You will wonder how so much love could fit in your heart. And then you will be smacked in the face by a sippy cup.

You will be tired for the next million years and you will look back and wonder how you could function with such little sleep.

You will never be so worried in your life and will google more than you ever knew someone could google.

You will never get so many advices and you will question yourself (a lot) but you will also learn how to ignore the unnecessary and trust your instinct.

There will be days which will be hard but you will never give up because you know it`s worth the effort.

You will honor every step of the way because you know time moves so quickly.


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When did this all begin? Those constant wave of worry! I never actually thought of myself as an anxious person, but since I am a mom somehow everything changed. What I found out for myself is, that motherhood feels like you booked a front seat in the world`s wildest rollercoaster ride. First there is this endless love, so much love – you could have never imagined your heart can feel. There is this saying that being a parent feels like you are carrying your heart outside of your body. And I never really understood this before, but now, I do. Knowing that your are the one who is responsible for this little precious raw life, makes you feel like that there is danger waiting behind each corner. So there is also fear connected to this huge love. Fear of loosing it. Fear of failing and somehow screwing it up.


So everybody who is following me more closely on social media, knows about my lately adapted baby belly pic obsession 😉 since there are only a few more days left where I can carry around this little bump. Actually it´s only one more day until the official due date! ONE DAY!! Can you believe it?! These 9 months passed so quickly that I still can’t grasp it.. but the shorter the past months felt, the longer the end feels like; so enjoying every last minute of being pregnant while getting fuzzy from waiting all at the same time.

As I am coming closer to my due date, the more questions I get what I am going to bring to the hospital. Good question. Maybe all the same stuff what others bring too. And to be honest I had no clue, when I started packing. So the first thing what I did was checking Pinterest what other mummies actually do bring and I think, I figured it out, at least for me. So I will let you have a closer look into my hospital bag(s) today which maybe clarify some of your questions too.