25 April 2017

Tokyo oh Tokyo, I truly felt in love with you. You are not just a crazy wild city full of Pokemon’s and Hello kitty but you are also very very CLEAN and GREEN. And that with a population of about 14 million people and nearly no rubbish bins. How the heck does this work?? Easy! The people in Japan are just doing what is common sense and clean up the mess they make. This is how it`s supposed to be, right?!

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16 March 2017

Since one of the most frequently asked (yoga related) questions I get from people is

„What kind of mat do you use? „

I thought why not bringing up a short review on the mats I tried so far including my experience with it. Even as a yoga teacher and a 10 year long practitioner I don`t really have a lot of mats than most people expect. I think the first 5 years I was mainly practicing on the bare floor, gras, beaches, carpets, towels or on any cheap mat I could find in a store nearby. 

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